Tuesday, January 21, 2020

To what Extent the Progressive Movement was Successful Essay -- essays

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the economy was booming, new technology flourished. The rapid industrialization brought achievement to the United States, however, it also caused several social problems. Wealth and power were concentrated in the hands of a few, and poverty and political corruption were widespread. As people became aware of these problems, a new reform group was created. Unlike populism, which had been a group of farmers grown desperate as the economy submerged into depression, the new reform movement arose from the educated middle class. These people were known as the progressives. The Progressive Movement was a movement that aimed at solving political, economic, and social problems. The Progressives were people from the middle class who had confidence that they could achieve social progress through political reform. The Progressives sought after changes and improvements in the society through laws and other federal actions. Many progressives thought that the greatest way to reform society was through its schools. Public education had grown rapidly since the Civil War. Progressives had new ideas about the purpose of education. Progressive educators believed that children should learn best by contributing in activities where they can work on projects and learn at their own rate. I thought this idea was a better way of learning because memorizing methods were really stressful and many people have diverse ways of learning: visual, hearing, hands on, and etc. In addition, the Progressives were absolutely correct to improve society by education because by having an education, it will prepare an individual to earn a living, but also to prepare the student to play a useful role in a democratic society. With e... ...icter safety laws, for instance, employees must wash their hands before working. The Women Christian Temperance Union, they fought against liquor, and at this time, they still fight about liquor and driving and they are called MADD: Mother?s Against Drunk Driving. Women are also allowed to run for Senators/Representatives in government and for presidencies. They have the right to vote for anything and have a voice. Education has also influence us because now we have a law called ?No Child Left Behind?, and we have standardized testing: CAPT (CT), SATS, ACTS, etc, which shows how much a student demonstrates their skills in a specific subject. Working laws has change minimum wage because people deserve more money for the hours they work, and some business provide health/dental/life insurance. In brief, the Progressive Era?s actions are still affecting Americans today.

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