Friday, February 7, 2020

Module 4 BHM415 (AUG2014-1) (CASE)Consumer Driven Health Care (SLP) Essay

Module 4 BHM415 (AUG2014-1) (CASE)Consumer Driven Health Care (SLP) - Essay Example Moreover, CDHC create an awareness of health care to consumers. With this awareness, consumers are able to weigh prices from different providers and select medical service that best suits them financially and as a result, service providers will re-price and re-package their services, in competition of patients, determined by quality and price and in the long-run the services become quality and affordable (Catherine, 2010). Furthermore, the American patients are able to utilize the internet in browsing the medical journals freely as well as the libraries for information that was not previously available to them. The parents can comfortably test their children for any ear infection while at home. This is made easy since the parents can make use of the over the counters do it yourself diagnostic kits and this assists is saving the parents from unnecessary trips to the healthcare providers. CDHC offer several services like health savings accounts (HSAs) and health reimbursement agreements (HRAs) where in each account; there is a function for deposit, accumulation, and withdrawal of payments. With health savings accounts (HSAs), the contribution deposited into the account is tax-advantaged and various medical costs are covered by the account thus cutting down on consumers healthcare cost. On the other hand, health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) are employer-sponsored and allow employees accumulate funds to cover their health care expenses. These expenses are employer-funded and the employer define how much to set aside for each employee, based on how much he can afford (Hughes, Root, & Roehrig, 2007). Nearly half (45 %) of the population in the U.S are estimated to have been infected with some type of chronic condition. Using the CDHC systems, these patients who are infected with the chronic infections can control their healthcare as well as manage their conditions e asily something that was not possible in

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