Monday, August 26, 2019

Global Healthcare Exchange Case Study Assignment

Global Healthcare Exchange Case Study - Assignment Example Secondly, the founders made it clear that their aim was not the registration of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). They had a commitment to increase â€Å"customer value†, which was about the improvement of services to customers, and not â€Å"market value†, which would have been about increasing profits for investors. On one hand, GHX founding companies are all buyers or sellers in the medical supplies industry. Therefore, to this extent, the figure is true. However, on the other hand, GHz is a separate entity with its own management, vision, and direction. This makes it a third party since it considers the collective interests of all the players in the medical supplies industry. GHX software capabilities for the primary benefit of suppliers before the merger with Medibuy included the GHX AllSourceâ„ ¢ Catalog. Suppliers maintained their catalogs, which in turn formed the database that buyers queried. Software for the benefit of the buyers included GHX Connectâ„ ¢ that allowed buyers to utilize their existing ERP systems to connect to GMX’s exchange platform. The GHX Advantageâ„ ¢ let buyers use an intermediary platform hosted by a GMX partner to access the exchange platform (Applegate 23). GMX developed an ERP, the GHX Axiomâ„ ¢, used by buyers with no ERP (Applegate 23). The software discussed above-handled connectivity. On the value-added services, there was the Report Source, which provided buyers with real-time information about their transaction on the Exchange platform. The second one was the GHX Content Intelligenceâ„ ¢ that identified any errors in the transaction process such as discrepancies in catalogs and alerted the parties involved (Applegate 23).

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