Saturday, August 10, 2019

Labor Relations and Their Effects in an Organization Research Paper

Labor Relations and Their Effects in an Organization - Research Paper Example Labor relations also termed as labor management define business that takes place between the labor unions and employers. There is usually a liaison between the management and the labor union. Large organizations go to the extent of employing a relation specialist to link up the labor union and management. Smaller organizations will have a human resource manager to link up the two. He can then present the interest of the labor unions to the management of the organization at hand. Labor relation activities include negotiation of contracts, employee grievances and complain arbitration, mediation and other business matters. The labor relations ensure that the interests of employees are well presented before the management. Labor union and labor relations impact significantly on an organization. The impact that this labor union and relations have on an organization depend on the relationship that exists between the management in the organization and the union representatives. In an organization that has skilled workers and trades people, there are excellent relations as they readily accept the union. These mean that they have been conditioned to expect these unions. It is, however, not always the case in all organizations as there are those that do not want to make concessions. Concessions apply during contract negotiations. If unions and management are ready to work together, then labor unions will have a great impact on organizations. There are negative and positive effects that accrue from the labor relations and unions that are brought about in the organization. Benefits that accrue to employees are many. Unions have seen wages for employees increased. The high wages also go to the underperforming employees attracting the wrong pool of workers in the organization.

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