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European trails Essay Example for Free

European trails Essay As I amazed with the beauty of the European trails through backpacking, I began to investigate some of the reasons behind these magnificent sceneries. Since I have not been in Europe, the internet and my friends who have been in Europe are my two primary source of information. But the former gives a lot more details and information regarding Europe as compared to the stories of my friends. Internet could give information on the whereabouts of these places as well as the price tags of these adventures. The All Mountain Vacation web page is one of the sites that I tried to get the necessary information. It gives the minute details on how to get in a backpacker’s site in France. It includes the information about the whereabouts of the hotels and restaurants to dine in. also, the page includes the description of the terrains and the history of the place. It is very exciting to know that they preserve this beautiful region for such a very long time. They include the first hotel to stay in. They also mentioned the level of difficulty in tracking down the terrains. One of the interesting packages that they offer is that you would actually encounter the local people in these places. I also did some researches for my favorite spots like the West Highland Way in the western Scotland. It is just 100 miles in length although the exotic beauty of the scenery and the outrageous ambience of the place have kept the backpackers to return. This trail has long been discovered by the early Romans and they used it to conquer Scotland. About 20,000 people defended this place to protect the western Scotland. The West Highland Way was one of the major routes that have been used in war and it is a very memorable place for the local people today. As of now, about fifty thousand people form Scotland and other countries come to visit this place. And the people that experienced the beauty of this region always find ways to come back yearly. It is one of the flagships of terrains in all of the United Kingdom. There is a section in the website where the foreign visitors comment on the European services and accommodations. They would tell that there are plenty of fabulous people to meet Also, European ambience is perfect for families according to one of the comments of the visitors. The hotels and facilities are superb and organized. The peaceful environment makes it very ideal for those people who would want a relaxing vacation. Since Europe has relatively cooler environment than most regions, backpacking in summer the people can unwind indefinitely. There is website that offers package that includes an eight-day trip to different places in France. Everyday, there is a new destination to go to and different hotels are expecting them. I also noticed the punctuality that they show because they scheduled the time up to the last minute. The accommodation that they give is comparably higher than most of the American packages. The package price for this expedition is roughly $1300. most of their clients would come from different places such as the United States, Japan and other European countries as well. Section III: What I Found Out So why does this European accommodation differ from the others? And how well they could keep the cleanliness of their own natural parks and mountains? Since the people in Europe have very high standards of living, the possibility of the price of accommodation here is expected to be high. After thorough investigation of the European trails, I found out that it is quite good to explore. The European countries have the facilities to utilize in order to maximize the beauty of their nature. In this sense, more sophisticated equipments and gadgets are being used so that optimum level of performance and quality are attained. For example, they have high technological gadgets such as the GPS which could enable them to track down the routes in the forests. They even have garbage containers in the mountains to assure that the Mother Nature is free from wastes. It is something missing in most of the countries where there is abundance of nature locations such as those in the Asian region. Moreover, the sceneries that could be seen in this region can be boasted all throughout the world since they have some of the most magnificent terrains worldwide. Form the Ural Mountains to the Alps, there are limitless possibilities of defining the beauty of this region. Some say that Europe is a place that was blessed by God the abundance of nature and peace. Switzerland for example is a European country that boasts magnificent views and sceneries. Its temperate climate and cool ambient temperature makes it very ideal for those who are planning to get a summer vacation. This country lies in the central Europe where mountain peaks collide with each other. There are many theme parks and other amusement areas where backpackers like me would surely love. Among its magnificent sites are the snow covered mountains and the crystal clear lakes. It also has some animal and botanical gardens to visit. There are many high-quality restaurants throughout the country and most of them are internationally recognized. Meanwhile, I also admire the beauty of the French terrains. Although this country is known for its romantic ambience, I do not expect that it has full of exciting terrains to visit. Numerous establishments surround their nature parks and they have the atmosphere is actually hospitable for guests and visitors. Beside Paris, where the lovers stay, countryside of France is also a magnet for those who would like to zip champagne and walk around the grape yards. Although the beaches are not as comparable as those in the tropical countries, their mountains and other sceneries are not matched by their beauty. Since this region is small compared to America or Asia or even Africa, we could see the limit of place to go through. But the society here is as old as time has begun and they are very interesting to see. Backpacking is not always a trip to the Mother Nature but it is also an activity where backpackers could explore the metropolis and other cities. In terms of the service that they provide to the clients especially those backpackers, I would say that they have the experience of entertaining these people. They train themselves to prove to everybody that they are world class and that their standards are one of the highest in the contemporary world. It could be proven that they have high standards of living by the way they interact with foreign people. Most of the people in Europe have high income and they can afford to do their leisure activity in the way that they are pleased. And to match the quality of life they are having right now, they provide the most convenient and maximum effort to accommodate other races. It could be noticed from the way they build their hotels and establishments. They have an advance society that has the capability of providing an excellent community. Their hotels are some of the most sophisticated hotels in the world. I would not blame the high price of the tour packages that they offer because they do the right thing to give the best possible ambience for the tourists. The European community also ensures the security of the people from their territory and thus it is more secured to travel in this region. They are very strict in accepting tourists because they want to ensure that they would not be sabotage by terrorist and other notorious groups of people. The sanitation that they imposed on the environment could not be paralleled by others who tried to imitate. Also, the cool environment is one of the reasons why tourists keep on touring this region. During the spring and summer, while most of the tropical countries are very hot and humid, most European countries has a mild weather temperature like Germany and Switzerland. They provide a cool and refreshing atmosphere suitable for those people living in the topical countries. I also learned that the beauty of nature should be maintained and preserve by the local people nearby. The local government is also a key factor in preserving the nature. They are responsible for the development of these areas because they mandated to do this. Europe is being united by the formation European Union which the goal is to protect and develop all countries of Europe. And now, almost all of the European countries are members of the EU and other countries are also planning to conglomerate to the unification of Europe. By the cooperation of the local people and the government, nature would be protected thoroughly. Europe has responsible citizens that cooperate and honest governments that rule. Basically, all of these would attribute to the greatness of this region. As for the part of the backpackers, they would have the best experience if they travel to Europe. Mountain treks and national park reserves are some of the best places to visit. Also, the exploration of major cities in Europe can give excitement to adventurous people like me. Given the money, although there are also some trips that are very economical, and the will, they would have a perfect time exploring this region while at the same time enjoying the advantages and luxury that the European accommodations are offering. I hope that someday, even those people living in poor countries could avail this wonderful experience also. References: Edc Content Tours. 1994. Education Development Center, Inc. December 11 2006. http://main. edc. org/tours/parent612. asp.

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