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Why Most People Flirt Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Why Most People Flirt - Research Paper Example This process usually entails either verbal or written communication, coupled with body language, all directed from one person directly to another. Flirting can be either sexual in nature, or it can much less forthcoming, such as simply desiring to meet a new acquaintance. Again, this has been a process that humans have engaged in extensively since the beginning of time and has been the subject of much writing and pondering. This brief essay will explore some commonly held opinions flirting, in attempt to discover why humans continue to engage in this age-old practice of communicating our thoughts about another person. Flirting Can Lead To Romance Contrary to rational thinking, all types of people carry on flirtatious behavior. This means that from married people to single people, to the very old and the younger at heart, individuals have been to flirt with one another. The fact that single people flirt carries comes as no surprise. Single people have no commitment to another person, so they are free to let their desires be known by flirting with someone else. Keep in mind that people old and young have been known to flirt. The behavior is no respecter of age. What might be surprising, however, is that married people are likely to flirt as well. They have found someone that is a match for them already, yet the human tendency is to still engage in flirtatious behavior from time to time when someone strikes our fancy. They question, of course, is why people persist with the flirting, even after they have found a life partner (Luscombe, para. 1). Many people believe that they truly do not flirt. It is just as likely for a single person, as a married person, to make this claim. Luscombe (2008) writes, â€Å"Before you claim, whether single or married, that you never flirt, bear in mind that it’s not just talk we’re dealing with here. It’s gestures, stance, eye movement† (para. 2). There is much more to flirting than merely written or verb al communication. It could be as simple a movement as leaning forward, almost into, the person you are talking to. Or, it could a simple raise of the eyebrow, or a sidelong glance combine with an ever so subtle smile. While some may not consider it flirtatious behavior, it can most certainly be construed that way. Do not make the wrong assumption that only men flirt. Women are just as guilty. What about the lady that tilts here necks to side just a little bit? This exposes her soft neck so that the other person has it in full few. Whether done consciously or not, this is also flirting. Women tend to be looked over when talking about the issue of flirting, but men are not the only ‘guilty’ parties here. There are many subtle ways that women can carry on a flirtatious relationship with men (Luscombe, para. 2). Scientists have also weighed in on this issue of flirting as well. They claim that providing certain ‘contact-readiness’ clues indicates a desire for t he other person. This is often done nonverbally, but it certainly lets the other party know that you are ready for physical contact of some sort. When flirting, it appears that humans can, through their mere actions alone, indicate a readiness for the holding of hands, a kiss, or more without ever having to say anything. What’s more is the fact that flirting with another person negates the need for any questions. The answer has already been communicated through the behavior of flirting and the other person can feel free to try and act on those desires (Luscombe, para. 3). Do We Really Flirt All That Much? Flirting can also be explained by using simple psychology. Humans are often fearful of verbally communicating their true feelings for one another. They may avoid this

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