Saturday, October 19, 2019

Discussion for online Healthcare HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Discussion for online Healthcare HRM - Essay Example 2) Although these EQ tests are designed to test the personality traits of the incumbent with accuracy but there are always chances of error and misstatement, how do you deal with situations when an employee (who previously appeared a team player) turns out to be a difficult person to handle and holds the whole team back? Ans: In situations where an employee becomes difficult to deal with, the role of manager/ supervisor as a team lead is very important. It’s mainly dependent on the manager’s leadership style and also the personality of that particular employee which helps in deciding the way forward. But in case, where an employee turns out to be a lone player, managers/ supervisors conduct meetings with them and make them aware of their lacking and also the desired behavior. Secondly, we also have a mechanism of appraisals every second month, which also helps us in analyzing the overall behavior of the employee and views of team members about them. Peer evaluations highlight different attributes of the employees and incase of a need counseling sessions are conducted. Where an employee appears to create problem time and again, issuing, letter of displeasure, warning and show causes notices are the primary steps of severe nature that we take after frequent communication of displeasure by the supervisors and managers or department heads. In case, where we receive constant negative feedback, we put such personnel under probation restricting his ability to see patients or play a role in hospital operations. HR department and the department head looks into the subject matter and then decide if the employee can be retained or not. In case of termination, all the hospital policies and state regulations are followed during separation phase. Ans: We encourage and hold teamwork activities every week, these activities not only include outbreaks such

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