Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Film Pitch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Film Pitch - Essay Example So, the main line of this documentary is capturing the struggles of the aborigines and their fight for self-respect and equal treatment, inter-cut with the struggles and rise of Cathy Freeman. With Cathy Freeman being the well known â€Å"Face† of the aborigines, she can take the role of the narrator for this documentary film. So, this film will start by showing in the form of photos and paintings, the life of the aborigines in the early centuries, before and after the arrival of the European settlers with the voice narration. Then the film will follow the history of aborigines, particularly in the 20th century, using photos and also interviews with the elderly people among the aboriginal population. Then through the mid way, the film would take a kind of biographical turn, focusing on Cathy Freeman’s childhood, her struggles in those period, her sporting talent, her initial mark at the Auckland Commonwealth Games (through photos and videos), her move to Melbourne, her lighting of the Olympic Flame and finally ending with her triumph in the 400mts Finals, with the shot of gold around her neck. Cast and Key Crew: With this being a documentary film, it does not need a cast of actors. All the people who are going to be featured in this film are not going to act according to any script, and will be asked to provide their experiences regarding particular events or about their life, or even asked to answer to some questions. When it comes to Cathy Freeman only, steps has to be taken to involve her in the project. Although, she is a busy high profile personality, she can be approached to taken on the narrator’s part. As mentioned above, she is the well known face of the aborigines and also as she was involving herself in various constructive activities for the aborigines, she can be involved in the project. â€Å"Catherine has a real desire to give back to the Australian community and has just established her own foundation, the Catherine Freeman Foundation. The Foundation provides pathways to a brighter future†¦using education and sport as a conduit for social change, the focus being on Indigenous girls.† (reconciliation.org.au). With the sizable part of the film focusing on her life and achievements, she can give good personal perspectives in the narration, elevating the film. Importantly, the title of this film is actually the words, which are tattooed on Freeman’s forearm. The on-location crew of the film will be minimal with mainly the cameraman, sound recordist and a translator (who has good knowledge of the aborigines culture and their language), along with the director. Then in the film and sound editing table only, others will get involved with editing labs or companies, which can do all the things in ‘under one roof’ can be, engaged. Rationale for Making: Indigenous Australians consisting of either Aboriginal people or Torres Strait Islanders, number over 500,000, making up around 2. 6% of Australia's population. But, before the advent of the Europeans, theirs’ total population was around 750,000, making up 100% of the Australia’s population. â€Å"Estimates have put the figure at over 1 million, while recent archaeological finds suggest that a population of 750,000 could have been sustained.† (Leitner 2004, p.68). The population of Indigenous

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