Friday, October 18, 2019

Recommendation letter for admission Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Recommendation letter for admission - Essay Example I write this letter to you to highly recommend the application of Mr. xxx for admission to Columbia University’s LLM program. He is an excellent fit for Columbia’s unique program and I take great delight in acknowledging below, the accomplishments and service that Nicholas has rendered to our esteemed firm.In November 2004, Baker & McKenzie started a selective hunt for a single candidate to join our Corporate and Merger & Acquisition departments. After interviewing nearly 80 candidates and assessing them with case method tests, we accepted Nicolas. For a young man of 23, he already had a remarkably full resume and his overall experience was one of the deciding factors in our decision.After joining our firm, Nicholas rapidly became a key player in our Corporate and Merger & Acquisition departments. In the months that followed, Nicolas joined a team of 10 attorneys in developing last year’s largest merger that involved an International Communications Company. Nicol as worked smoothly with the other members of the team—all of whom were at least 15 years older—and proved to be the communications link between all departments for that important transaction. Ever since that merger took place, Nicolas has always been the communications liaison in every operation that he is involved with. As a senior associate of the Merger & Acquisition Department, I am in charge of important international transactions.... In a two-hour meeting, Nicolas helped find a simple but brilliant solution by using nominal local shareholders for the bid and then transferring the shares to our client. In terms of undertaking and completing assignments, Nicolas is able to handle pressure with professionalism and responsiveness to both the clients' needs and the firm's needs. He was recently entrusted with closing the urgent sale of a large International Pharmaceutical Company in Uruguay and Mexico. Within two weeks, he had traveled to both countries and successfully executed the agreements. He is now in charge of reviewing all documents at closing and creating a checklist that is appended to the agreement. Nicolas's biggest strength is Client Care. His experience in the Criminal Underage Court and Labor Law firms has given him extensive and quality training in terms of dealing with people from all walks of life. His great sense of humor and dynamic personality has also saved us on many occasions. A particularly difficult account comes to mind: We were facing severe miscommunication glitches with a multinational Italian company, a European-style family business that had recently decided to settle in Argentina. Based on Nicolas's cultural background, language and people skills, we invited him to come aboard. Once he had analyzed the case, he indicated our weakness lay in the lack of personal contact and suggested that we invite the client's General Legal Counsel, who lived in Milan, to a meeting at our Buenos Aires office. Nicolas had learned that the Counsel's family and his own family (mother's side) were from the same Italian town, xxx. This was a good starting point for the meetings, most of which Nicolas led in fluent Italian. After

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