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The Death Of Ivan Ilych Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Death Of Ivan Ilych - Essay ExampleIt appears that Tolstoys main point in writing this story was to illustrate the concept of death. Death is commonly portrayed as a very mysterious and frightening aspect of life. However within The Death of Ivan Ilynch, Tolstoy shows death in a diametrical light. In the first chapter, Tolstoy really captures how utterly mundane death is, especially for those left behind. This is shown in the reaction of Ivans coworkers. For example, as soon as Fedor Vasilievich hears about Ivans death, he starts to think about the possibility of being promoted as Ivans spot in the court has now opened up(Tolstoy, 1886). Additionally, many of the men, particularly gumshoe Ivanovich feel a bit irritated or put out at the thought that they are now obligated to go pay their condolences to Ivans wife and family(Tolstoy, 1886). At the house, a man named Schwartz even communicates with Peter about an upcoming game of bridge at Fedor Vasilievichs house(Tolstoy, 1886) . This entire chapter illustrates how death brush aside become a rather mundane event, and, even if someone is no longer living, the lives of other people continue on.In addition to addressing the mundane aspects of death, Tolstoy excessively looks at how drawn out illness and death can be. For much of the story, Ivan is battling a mysterious illness, and every doctor he visits appears to have a different opinion as to what it could be(Tolstoy, 1886). Eventually the illness becomes so severe and painful that Ivan is unable to live his life in a normal fashion and must be given powerful drugs like morphine in order to stave off the pain(Tolstoy, 1886). The medication does little to help him however and Ivan becomes unable to bearing for himself at all. This period lasts quite a while in the story. At the end of his life, he screams for three days as the pain becomes too great(Tolstoy, 1886). Finally, he is able to die. Ivans death presents a more accurate take on the expiration o f a human.

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