Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Shows Big Love and The Simpsons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Shows great approve and The Simpsons - Essay ExampleBoth shows deal with comparatively large families, although one show is about an extended family and one family is a nuclear family have interpersonal relationship troubles, although one shows interpersonal problems are more complicated than the other and deal with people who have troubles, but one show is less easy for people to relate to than the other.Big Love and The Simpsons both deal with large families. However, Big Love is really more about a quite larger family than The Simpsons. In Big Love, postings family is a fundamentalist Mormon family practicing polygamy, which means he has multiple marriages. The main characters of the show are load (the businessman who owns a chain of stem improvement stores), and his three wives, Barb, Nicki, and Margene. The first episode was about their familys struggle to live their polygamous way of life while keeping it a secret. The Simpson family is a nuclear family with bold trait s. Each character is an icon by itself, but when they are together they form the iconic nuclear family. The key family members are the parents home run and Marge and their three children baronet, Lisa, and Maggie.Big Love and The Simpsons, in their first show, both breach the topics of relationship troubles within the family. The difference is that the troubles described within Big Love are more serious in nature than the troubles in The Simpsons, which are rather petty problems. The first episode of Big Love focuses on Bills effort to find balance in the midst of having three wives while dealing with Nickis father, who wants a larger share of the stores profit. Meanwhile, in The Simpsons, Bart sneaks away and goes to get a tattoo saying Mother. However, while getting the tattoo, Margehis motherfinds out and interrupts the procedure.

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