Saturday, May 11, 2019

Criminal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Criminal - Essay ExampleAccording to Pell v. Procunier(1974), it was held that inmates could not curb personal or face-to-face interviews with media personnel (Pollock, 2011). This prohibition is irrespective of whether the interview is peaceful and without threats. Inmates are thus advised to enforce different alternative methods of communication other than personal interviews.In Procunier v. Martinez, communication with inmates is highly prohibited and prison wardens deport an obligation to ensure that this constitutional law is followed. In most prisons, there are prisoners who have been assigned the duty to ensure that law of prison is followed and who also speaks on behalf of prisoners. The warden in this case, has no other option but to make it known to the prisoners that the law does not allow personal interviews with the media personnel. The warden should also declare with the inmates clerks to maintain order in the prison.Part 2 Several inmates confined to a disciplina ry separatism unit submit letters to the Warden of a correctional facility, indicating that they want to bring up mandatory religious services, on a signifi canfult holy day of their chosen religion do you have to allow them to attend? If not, why?According to May v. Sheahan, an inmate is entitled to exercise freely his religious manages as outlined in the Free Exercise Clause (Pollock, 2011). Prison regulation that does not adhere to this clause can only be upheld if it is reasonable under legitimate interests. Thus, all prisoners including those in the disciplinary unit have the right to exercise their faith. These rights should be protected as they help in the transformation process. Religion contributes a lot in strengthening their morals and in changing their criminal lifestyle to that of a chastely upright person who has the ability to make ethical decisions. In relation to this, prison warden should allow the inmates to practice their faith freely and to access religious materials concerning their

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