Monday, May 13, 2019

Ensuring Economic Opportunities for Young Americans Essay

Ensuring frugal Opportunities for Young Americans - Essay ExampleDepartment of Labor), Algernon Austin (Director of the race, ethnicity, and the economy program Economic Policy Institute), Matthew Segal (Founder & Co-Chair 80 Million Strong, Dorothy), Dorothy Stoneman (President and founder YouthBuild USA) and D. Mark Wilson (Principal Applied Economic Strategies, LLC). The positions taken by each participant on the issue has been briefed as under.At the beginning of the session, Chairman Miller gave a concise opening address on the alarming rate at which the unemployment among young Americans is on a rise. He briefed about the worsening economic conditions of the nation, comparable to the aftermath of the Second World War, due to which the younger generation in near instances have to compete with the more experienced in the job market, for jobs meant for the relatively inexperienced. In addition, a shortage of summer jobs for the youth constrained their potential education oppo rtunities since often it is found that the students use the funds to allowance their tuition fees. Moreover, summer jobs often taught them discipline and helped in the development of leadership skills in them. So, an axe on the number of such jobs had multi-dimensional effects on the future of the youth of the nation. Hence, the Chairman proposed an initial investment of $ 1.2 one million million million in the economy for employment generation. Besides thither were other distinguished contributors in the meeting who overconfident a number of policy suggestions to tackle the situation.The eminent participants addressed the issue by proposing strategies to curb the same. Mathew Segal recommended that either policies meant to address the issue must focus upon four different areas the amount of resources allocated for investment should be increased, there must be increased facilities of education loans, the propensity for public service jobs must be raise among the young minds an d the education imparted at schools must be

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