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Tourism, Leisure or Events Organisations in Attempting To Improve Essay

Tourism, Leisure or Events Organisations in Attempting To Improve Service caliber - Essay ExampleIn this paper, two passism companies have been discussed which include the GTi pass Goup and Thomas secure assort plc that provide tourism table operate in the market segment of the UK. In this regard, certain strategies ar recommended to the companies with the motive of improving their performances substantially. Moreover, these strategies will assist these two companies in improving their brand image as well as to develop their offered service quality. display board of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Critical Evaluation of Strategies 5 2.1 Positioning Strategy 5 2.2 Communication Strategy 6 2.3 Supply Chain charge 8 2.4 Human Resource Management (HRM) 10 3. Conclusion 12 4. References 13 5. Bibliography 16 1. Introduction Tourism is watch overd to be angiotensin converting enzyme of the largest industries worldwide and it is also conside red to be one of the major elements towards the development of economic conditions and employment opportunities for both maturation and developed countries. Service quality in tourism industry is considered to be a vital reckon in dis impersonate to acquire competitiveness in the provided services. The main objective of service quality is to determine the expectations as well as the preferences of customers and to provide services in accordance with their needs and preferences (Mohamed, 2006). The GTi Travel concourse is one of the principal companies in tourism sector for abroad visitors in the United Kingdom (UK). The familiarity is recognised to provide professional as well as value for money services for overseas visitors. In this regard, the international visitors are able to have a better outlook of Europe and Britain and the tour packages of the company range from one to thirty days (GTi Travel root word, 2013). Thomas Cook is a sound company in the UK and it is devel oped with the merger of MyTravel base plc and Thomas Cook AG. It is one of the renowned tourism companies with having customers of around 23 million who travelled with the group in the previous year i.e. 2012 (Thomas Cook Group plc, 2013). The paper intends to discuss the strategies which could be adopted by GTi Travel Group and Thomas Cook Group plc with the intention of enhancing their service quality. 2. Critical Evaluation of Strategies The strategies that can be adopted by the GTi Travel Group and Thomas Cook Group plc are required to be break downd with the intention of determining the actions undertaken in order to improve the performance of these tourism companies with regard to service quality. These companies are identified to be famous packaged tour offering companies in the UK. In keeping with changing scenario of the global industry, the aspects of customer satisfaction, customer relations, service design and most importantly service quality have gained immense signi ficance. Therefore, companies such as GTi Travel Group and Thomas Cook require to ensure that they abreast with requirements of the customers with superior quality of offerings. In this regard, the recommended strategies are described as follows 2.1 Positioning Strategy The GTi Travel Group can adopt a lay strategy with the objective of improving the brand image as well as competitive position of the company in the UK tourism market. The positioning strategy comprises three methods which include market analysis as well as internal analysis along with competitor analysis. In this regard, the GTi Travel Group should analyse the market conditions with respect to the preferences as well as needs of customers with regard to destinations (Alford, 1998). It has been recognised that the demand for the services offered by tourism companies has increased considerably in recent times. With the increase in the amount of useable incomes of a large section of

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