Wednesday, May 8, 2019

English Composition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

English Composition - testify ExampleNow I understand that aerial couplings be to be considered an essential human rights issue. It could skunk the social statues and economic stability of the sexual minority of gays and lesbians. The civil rights aspect of it stems from the question of equality for every(prenominal) individuals. Homosexuals have to be treated on an equal basis in the socio-cultural sphere, and be provided equal opportunities to figure in all possible areas of public domain. The narrow-minded arguments against it by religious sects and homophobes have to be intercommunicate and disproved so as to defend the basic rights of homosexuals. One may need to redefine the parameters of family structure to bear gay marriages, but that will only strengthen the possibilities of tackling the issues of dissent in the general social structure. A few of the controversial issues related to gay marriages have to be addressed and analyzed to make this placement clear.The re al reasons behind the arguments against gay marriages go deeper to the levels of ignorance and lack of proper understanding among human beings. Many are misinformed regarding the nature of gay relationships and consider it as something entirely different from heterosexual relationships. Gay relationships are a good deal perceived to be all about sex, but that is hardly the issue. The reality is that homosexuality is based on mutual attraction, love and affection, very much like in the case of heterosexuality. If the commonly held misconceptions regarding gay relationships can be eradicated, the prospect of gay marriages can be understood clearly. The false presumption that a marriage can take place only between a man and woman has to be uprooted. Nor does one(a) have to fall for the argument that the basic purpose of marriage is procreation. The element of immorality attached to gay relationships is also

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