Thursday, May 2, 2019

Describe what you have learned from your experience as a member of a Essay

Describe what you bind in condition(p) from your experience as a member of a group whose project was not ideal success full(a)y - Essay ExampleCompared to my previous successes, my first project is marked with a failure that I exit never forget.On March of 2004, I have been given the privilege for an internship with XYZ Company in their Analytical laboratory. During my first day of work, I am quite challenged and enthusiastic to find that I will be working with two other new interns. Also, there will be no full prison term uninflected chemists to assist us except my supervisor. These circumstances made me realize that my duties are way out to be very challenging as well as interesting. Being adequate to prove our commitment, dedication, and skill, our concourse has been offered to work on a project, which would be very tedious for us as interns due to our leave out of experience. However, we consider the task as a huge opportunity to further improve our skills and further our competencies. Because the trustworthy method is time consuming, tedious and requires continuous attention due to the usage of hazardous chemicals our project is to clear a short method to analyze an element in unrivalled of the raw materials by victimization modern instrumentation. The group merrily took the project, albeit the very tight time constraint. We only have few much weeks for final exams and we are required to invest more effort to meet the short deadline. After a short discussion with the group, everyone agreed to contribute the best of his ability to accomplish the project within the dish out time. Two weeks later, my team and I have come to realize that we will not be able to finish the project on time, since we were working two days a week. The month passed and the shortage of time coupled with our lack of experience makes it impossible for us to complete the project. Pressing further, we ask for an extension of one week because we have already gathered all t he necessary data for the completion. However, to our dismay, the project has been transferred to another analytical group within the company. This has been very disappointing for me.I have learned a lot from cosmos a member of a team whose project was unsuccessful. This experience taught me to be a good team player and to manage my time more efficiently. Being a senior in the group, I had learned to manage and deal with the team who knew that we will not be able to finish the project on time. I have been instrumental in absorbing the stress my team and I were going through and through because of the short deadline. From this whole experience, I had also learned to recognize my strengths and the requirements of the task before accepting it. charge though my group failed to finish the project on time, we were still recognized for our work, and I took it as a reward. Therefore, I can say that even though our project was unsuccessful, the work and the effort was still recognized. As for me, I was able to gain knowledge from it and I consider it as an essential aspect of nurture process. Failures should not be taken with disappointment. Each of us are strengthened and molded by our failures, they change us the areas where we should improve and humble our hearts to be receptive to important lessons in life. A noted writer Rita Mae Brown had once said Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from

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