Saturday, May 4, 2019

Housing Development Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Housing Development Process - Essay ExampleHowever, tension on the architectural requirements of the houses has not been signifi dopet in the conventional practice of house development, although it is as pregnant as the structural engineering concerns of the development. Importance of an architect is further exaggerated by a neighborly change that has increased peoples interest in fashion, looks and aesthetics. An architect ensures their achievement in the finished look of the house.The accommodate development process requires careful consideration of various factors other than the design and aesthetics of the house. The development organisation originates from the need in a particular area, and the expenses available to the developers prior to development. at a time the process of development of houses is snarl beneficial for the community in a certain area, the developers look for the most appropriate commit. A state of affairs that is near to the market and can offer many facilities at shortest distance from the house is considered the best for development. Once the site is selected, the developers accumulate funds either from banks, or by investments from the public. Then the site layout is prepared. Labor accommodation, site offices, and other facilities required for the development are clearly demarcated in the site layout. The work out commences with the formulation of approach design by the architects that is matured by the structural engineers. Cost estimates are prepared simultaneously. Once the nett design and cost estimates are identified, the construction begins. The houses are constructed as per the design and schedule prepared in the start of the project. It is ensured that the construction complies with the specifications devised by the architect in the start of the project. What is equally important is to ensure that the project completes exactly upon or before the time expected by the customer. Exceeding the finishing time can incu r huge monetary

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